Norman’s Bird Houses

Nesting Boxes | Bird Species

Carolina chickadee, Tufted titmouse, American goldfinch, Pine siskin, Purple finch, House finch, Indigo bunting, Painted bunting, Evening grosbeak, European goldfinch, Cuban bullfinch, Greater Antillean bullfinch, Great crested flycatcher, Ash-throated flycatcher, Brown-crested flycatcher, Common yellowthroat, Northern parula, Prothonotary warbler, Hooded warbler, Pine warbler, Yellow-throated warbler, Prairie warbler, White-breasted nuthatch, Brown-headed nuthatch, Barn swallow, Northern rough-winged swallow, Tree swallow, Eastern bluebird, Downy woodpecker, Carolina wren, House wren, Bewick’s wren, House sparrow

Shelf Boxes | Bird Species

Robin, Cardinal, Brown thrasher, Mourning doves, Blue Jay, Catbird, Barn swallow, Song sparrow, Eastern Phoebe, House Finch

Cleaning the birdhouse

When the birds and fledglings have left the birdhouse, it is time to clean it. You can leave the birdhouse where it is or you can take it down for an easier clean.

  1. On the the side of the birdhouse you will find a philips head screw, use a phillips head screwdriver and take the screw out.                       
  2. Lift the panel and remove the old bird nest. The old bird nest can be used as compost.
  3. With a brush you can lightly scrub the birdhouse (including entrance hole and upper and lower vents) with a diluted bleach solution.
    • 1 part bleach and 9 parts of warm water = (6 tsp bleach in 1 cup of warm water). 
  4. Now, rinse down the entire birdhouse with water, a garden hose will work great. 
  5. Let the birdhouse dry in the sun for a few hours.
  6. Now you can put the birdhouse back up and it’s ready to welcome a new family of birds. It may even be the same previous family of birds.

*Note – Same cleaning process for the shelf nesting box, but no moving parts.

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